Nando’s is Hiring Now

Matric (Grade 12)
3-4 years restaurant management experience 
Code 08 Drivers License 
Experience in Microsoft Office 
Attention to detail and accuracy 
Ability to manage a group of people within a restaurant and kitchen. 
Excellent communication skills 
Knowledge of restaurant operations including people, product and customer processes 
Communication skills – both written and verbal 
Financial and business acumen 
Coaching and mentoring skills

People Management: 
• Conducts regular one-on-one’s with employees, providing coaching, mentorship and guidance where appropriate. 
• Implements corrective action, performance management or disciplinary processes for performance or disciplinary issues. Conducts performance reviews for Assistant and Junior Restaurant Managers (Patraos), including the development of their personal development plan. 
• Prepares for and initiates disciplinary hearings where appropriate. Monitors behaviour in the restaurant to ensure that any form of abuse of is reported, addressed and followed up. 
• Informs on and actions Department of Labour inspections and audits (including the HRBP). 
• Creates a restaurant environment that fosters learning and development. Completes, submits and monitors payroll information in accordance with Nando’s policies and procedures. 

Operational Management: 
• Manages restaurant activity to ensure excellent customer service and efficient operations. 
• Monitors compliance to Nando’s brand and operational standards, operating requirements. 
• Works with the Assistant Manager to resolve Escudo, Qpro and SOP queries. Addresses and rectifies identified breaches and operational directives. 
• Conducts a weekly and period close GP count and calculation. Performs shift management duties for the casa as required. Conducts a weekly management meeting, reviewing and updating minutes and allocating tasks for the week ahead. 
• Identifies and executes plans to improve the business following quarterly meeting with the Area Manager. 
• Works with the Area Manager and Regional Facilities Manager to implement planned maintenance and minor capital projects. 
• Works with the Loss Prevention Officer to identify and implement risk management and prevention controls. 

Financial Management 
• Provides input into the development of the restaurant budget, reviewing continuously, setting targets and managing adherence to established parameters. 
• Maintains sound financial control of the restaurant in accordance to set financial parameters.
• Facilitates business growth by analysing income statements and monitoring business performance indicators on a regular basis. Manages income and expenditure to ensure the required return on sales/ conversion. Reviews and signs off on external delivery company invoices on a weekly basis. 
• Reviews, investigates and resolves weekly cash shortage reports from Finance department. 
• Reviews all accounts for accuracy on a monthly basis.

Marketing Management: 
• Reviews the Brand touch point check on a quarterly basis and implements corrective action. 
• Plans and executes quarterly CSI and community initiatives. 
• Seeks opportunities to increase sales and to market and promote the casa. 
• Builds relationships within the local community to drive large scale product orders (government, corporate, schools).


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